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Today’s tea is extremely unique for several reasons. GreenWander is a single estate, organically grown, Chinese style green tea that is grown, harvested, and processed in Perthshire, Scotland. Yes, you read that correctly. Scottish tea. And it’s delicious. With a terroir similar to many tea gardens found in China, a historically agrarian culture, and a …


Cuppa the Day: Taurus by Adagio A smooth oolong and white tea base blend with peach and stone fruit flavors. Comparison. From celebrities who are asked audacious questions about their bodies to hearing how our friends speak about themselves, the subtle queues of comparison are all around us. By and large, when we listen to …


How tea leaves are grown and processed determines greatly the variety of tea which one drinks.  For simplicity, teas are reviewed and sorted below by color. If you’re looking for a particular tea, please check out the alphabetical listing.

It is advised to always taste with a friend as each palate picks up different flavors and aromas. Plus it’s great fun to compare tasting notes. As a result many of the reviews reference the tongue of my tasting partner, Lori.

Contemplative Tea Tasting Team

Best friends for over four years, we met at work (both of us are accountants by trade). I’ll be forever thankful that Lori is the beautiful lass that’s joined me on this journey to leave a Legacy of Tea.

Lori, Contemplative Tea Tasting Partner, The Gold Dragon, Best Friend, Partner in Leaving a Legacy of Tea.

And of course, there is yours truly:

Elaine, Mastermind behind Contemplative Tea, The Red Dragon, Leaving a Legacy of Tea.

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Green Teas 

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Alphabetical Listing

Tea 101

Enjoyed for over thousands of years, today tea is the second most widely consumed beverage on the planet (with water being the first).
Click the links below to expand your knowledge our favorite drink.
Check back often as these pages are intended to grow and evolve with more information over time.

The Tea Plant

Learn about the beautiful plant that makes the world’s favorite brew.

Types of Tea

From the lightest whites, to earthy Puerhs, to tea that technically isn’t tea.

How to Brew the Best Cup of Tea

Yes, there is a “best” way to steep your tea.

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags vs Sachets 

In the battle for the best cup, which contender will win?  Could it be the Illustrious Loose Leaf? The Time-Tested Tea Bag? Or the Seasoned Sachet?

Tea Storage 

Now that you’re hooked on the good stuff, you’ll want to store it properly so it won’t spoil.

How to Speak Tea

Tea has a language all it’s own. Grow in your tea terminology and feel confident as you speak the language of tea.