Cuppa the Day:

Taurus by Adagio

A smooth oolong and white tea base blend with peach and stone fruit flavors.


From celebrities who are asked audacious questions about their bodies to hearing how our friends speak about themselves, the subtle queues of comparison are all around us.

By and large, when we listen to how we speak about ourselves, the words and tone we use are negative. We know that we ought not compare ourselves to others, but we cannot seem to help ourselves. If you listen closely, you can hear a hidden language. This language betrays the self conscious and tells how we compare our current selves to the vigors of the youth we once held.

It is to this, which I contemplate today.

I am beginning to think that one ought not compare themselves with their former self. Not to say that we should do away with #transformationtuesday or any other day in which we could – and rightly should – celebrate our progress.

Merely, mind how you look at yourself.

Life is short. We are not promised today. We are not promised tomorrow. And even if tomorrow comes, there is no guarantee that it will be like the day before. Things we take for granted today, like the ability to walk, to sing, to feel the warmth of the mug in our hands, can be gone in an instant.

The only thing that stays the same in life is that everything changes.

We were different people yesterday. We have been made who we are today by all of our collected experiences, up to and including yesterday. If we were to compare ourselves as we are today with our former selves, we are not making a fair comparison. It’s like trying to compare a ripe piece of fruit to an unripe one. They are both the same type of fruit, but only the one further long in its journey will be sweet enough to eat.

Therefore, we ought not to compare at all. Not to others or to our yesteryear. Take today as it is. Accept yourself as you are in this moment. Resolve to chose the best things at this moment, choosing to be the best you possible for today.

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