How tea leaves are grown and processed determines greatly the variety of tea which one drinks.  For simplicity, teas are reviewed and sorted below by color. If you’re looking for a particular tea, please check out the alphabetical listing.

It is advised to always taste with a friend as each palate picks up different flavors and aromas. Plus it’s great fun to compare tasting notes. As a result many of the reviews reference the tongue of my tasting partner, Lori.

Contemplative Tea Tasting Team

Best friends for over four years, we met at work (both of us are accountants by trade). I’ll be forever thankful that Lori is the beautiful lass that’s joined me on this journey to leave a Legacy of Tea.

Lori, Contemplative Tea Tasting Partner, The Gold Dragon, Best Friend, Partner in Leaving a Legacy of Tea.

And of course, there is yours truly:

Elaine, Mastermind behind Contemplative Tea, The Red Dragon, Leaving a Legacy of Tea.

White Teas

Green Teas 

Oolong Teas

Black Teas 

Pu’er Teas


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