Tea 101

Enjoyed for over thousands of years, today tea is the second most widely consumed beverage on the planet (with water being the first).
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The Tea Plant

Learn about the beautiful plant that makes the world’s favorite brew.

Types of Tea

From the lightest whites, to earthy Puerhs, to tea that technically isn’t tea.

How to Brew the Best Cup of Tea

Yes, there is a “best” way to steep your tea.

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags vs Sachets 

In the battle for the best cup, which contender will win?  Could it be the Illustrious Loose Leaf? The Time-Tested Tea Bag? Or the Seasoned Sachet?

Tea Storage 

Now that you’re hooked on the good stuff, you’ll want to store it properly so it won’t spoil.

How to Speak Tea

Tea has a language all it’s own. Grow in your tea terminology and feel confident as you speak the language of tea.